Why Hollywood won't cast Leelee Sobieski anymore

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Almost two decades back, Leelee Sobieski had a promising vocation in front of her, yet she as time walked on, she changed from a sought after performing artist to somebody who requested more out of life. Here's the reason you don't hear much from Sobieski any longer. 

Her career started off red hot

Before the finish of the '90s, Sobieski seemed, by all accounts, to be well on her approach to cutting out a strong profession for herself in Hollywood. After different parts on TV, she handled a little part in the 1998 blockbuster Deep Impact, which she took after with a considerably more generous part in the Drew Barrymore comedy Never Been Kissed (1999) and the title part in the CBS small scale series Joan of Arc (1999), which earned her Golden Globe and Emmy designations. 

This best in class performer, who looked to some extent like actress Helen Hunt, had gotten Hollywood's attention. Acclaimed chief Stanley Kubrick cast her in what might turn into his last motion picture, Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Apparently, her profession was solid. 

And then Here on Earth happened

In the same way as other performers of that period, both male and female, Sobieski got saddled with faltering parts in sappy high schooler shows. This incorporated the 2000 bomb Here on Earth, which was decimated by commentators and failed in the cinema world, acquiring just over $10.5 million total. What went wrong? Uh, simply watch the trailer 

The Glass House was laughable

Sobieski's next significant motion picture part stopped by method for the 2001 thriller The Glass House. She played a high schooler who moves in with some quite scrappy parental watchmen following the sudden passing of her folks. Much like other high schooler spine chillers of that period (Teaching Mrs. Shiver, anybody?), commentators saw directly through the film's lame turns and turns (get it?) and slapped it with universally awful surveys. Indeed, even conspicuous productions such as The New York Times declared the motion picture was more entertaining than frightening, which is never an incredible sign. 

The film additionally floundered in the cinema world. In its defense, thinking of it as was discharged three days after the psychological militant assaults on Sept. 11, 2001, it most likely never stood a shot.

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