The most savage absolution ever': Greek Orthodox priest startles adjacent kids as he dunks children in water

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The Archbishop swings the naked child by its arms and repeatedly dunks him in the baptismal font

Twitter clients have been insulted after unusual film developed via web-based networking media demonstrating a Greek Orthodox diocesan savagely purifying through water a child in water. 

In the clasp the Archbishop swings the bare tyke by its arms and over and again dunks him in the baptismal text style. 

The minister plunges the kid in the bowl three times previously giving him back to the guardians who appear to be absolutely undaunted. 

The clergyman dips the boy in the basin three times before handing him back to his unfazed parents

It is trusted the clasp was shot in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, at a Greek Orthodox church. 

It is custom for Greek Orthodox places of worship to perform 'compelling' submersions since it is viewed as an answer for the declining birth rate. 

Numerous online pundits have condemned the minister's harsh approach. 

On Twitter, Zita London composed: 'Gracious my I wager this child is left cerebrum dead.'

It is tradition for Greek Orthodox churches to perform 'forceful' baptisms because it is seen as a solution to the declining birth rate

Another client posted: 'Omg that is the most savage sanctification?! I've ever observed?!' 

Client @myaaa_tyn composed: 'Immersion?? More like endeavored kill.' 

Mildred Tuhaise remarked: 'However this kind of sanctification. Aaaah. It's really Roughism.' 

A year ago, a comparative video developed of a child being viciously dunked in water in a congregation in Georgia.