Stage stormed during UK's Eurovision song

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Watch: A man interrupts the UK's Eurovision entry in Lisbon

A man raged the stage while the UK's entrance, SuRie, was performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

SuRie was singing her melody Storm when a man wearing a rucksack ran onto the stage, snatched her amplifier, and seemed to state: "Nazis of the UK media, we request flexibility." 

He was quickly dragged off stage and SuRie kept playing out the tune. 

The stage invader took the microphone off SuRie, before being dragged off stage

Israel won the challenge with 520 focuses while SuRie's melody was third from base, picking up 48 focuses. 

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The intruder is in police care, the European Broadcasting Union said. He is comprehended to be an European native however not British. 

It is thought a similar man attacked the phase at the National Television Awards this year, and The Voice in 2017. 

SuRie was allowed to perform once more, however declined. The BBC stated: "SuRie and her group are amazingly pleased with her execution and have together chosen that there is definitely no motivation to play out the melody once more."

Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest with her song Toy

The Eurovision 2018 final in Lisbon, Portugal, was watched by an estimated TV audience of 200 million.

Israel's entry Netta won the contest with the song Toy, and stood out with an unconventional singing style likened to chicken clucking.

The Cypriot entry Eleni Foureira came second with the song Fuego.

The voting was weighted so that half the points come from public telephone votes from viewers in each country, and half from a jury of musical experts in each nation.

SuRie continued singing and declined the opportunity to perform again

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