Tens of millions of dollars most YouTube channels for profit in 2017

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Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become a virtual platform for the next generation of rising stars, the so-called "YouTubers" who spend most of their time filming and producing content, but do not make mistakes but collect millions of dollars. 

As YouTube matured, its stars become more sophisticated in marketing for themselves, translating into bigger rounds, more lucrative deals, higher content quality and higher merchandise sales. It is no secret that YouTube's top stars use video clips and advertisements to earn a living on the platform, as well as name and fame for themselves. Some of them, over the past few years, have blocked large offers from services such as Netflix or YouTube Red.

Top 10 YouTube stars for profit, according to Forbes World 2017 :

1- Daniel Middleton  :

2- Evan Fong  :

3- Dude Perfect  :

4- Logan Paul  :

5- Mark Fischbach  :

6- Felix Kjellberg  :

7- Jake Paul  :

8- Ian Hecox  :

9- Ryan  :

10- Lilly Singh  :

Forbes has based its figures for this year on figures published on pre-tax
pretax estimates, as well as data from YouTube itself, Social Blade and
Captive8, as well as interviews with agents, managers, marketers, producers
and lawyers.

Now, have you ever thought of creating a channel on your own YouTube,

–becoming one of the well-known Utopians, entering the list of the rich?