Donald Trump says his nuclear button 'bigger' than Kim Jong-un's as North Korea reopens border hotline

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Last week we have all been enjoying Mr. Trump’s new tweets however the scariest and funniest one was the tweet he published as a reply on what Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s president, stated.

Kim Jong-un said that he has a nuclear button on his hand’s reach and he can press it whenever he “desires” (watch out world 😑 ; this man is serious 😣 may be 😫 ). But Mr. Donald didn’t take him seriously. He is may be thinking the both are having a sort of power game. (To hell damn world). Donald Trump “Junior” said he has a bigger nuclear button than his enemy. He insisted his own big button is really working (So does the nuclear weapon of the most terrifying leader in Asia.)

The first big tweet of the New year drew comments of criticism ( Republicans are another story (😀 ) to the maturity of the current president and how confidential to save the nation from a nuclear attack he is, Also how far American could possibly stay calm facing such childish use of Twitter Platform to announce personal views on serious matters. On the other side, some said that the Tweet is a clear sarcasm, OOOps😬  was it? Well , the North Korean president didn’t seem very understanding. In a speech broadcast live, He added that HIS Nuclear weapon is on his desk and this is reality not blackmail.

Trump hadn’t been satisfied by this tweet only; additionally, he had other important announce tweets to share regarding different issues, Such as :

For Iran :

For Young Immigrants :

For The Media News :

And of course more are coming. Stay tuned 😉😋